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Contemporary Ranch

Designing a contemporary exterior to this ranch allowed this home to have unique features, like an 11' ceiling in the office, and bring a new face to the community. Here's a little bit of the design process. This homeowner was looking to build in our Byron Center community on Whistle Creek Ct but they wanted to set themselves apart with a contemporary exterior. We incorporated some simple hip roofs to start as the base for the modern elements.

We also chose to elevate the ceiling in the office to create a little eye-catching feature on the front elevation and give that room a big feel. Lastly, we focused on features like the modern brackets and 48" sliding door on the office.

Kate, owner of Embassy Design, did an amazing job transitioning that contemporary exterior to interior elements that add character and visual interest to the spaces inside.

Custom, amish cabinetry is used throughout the kitchen and subtle trim details and tile selections make this home's finish beautiful.

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