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Riverside Craftsman Home

This couple came to us with their own design that they had worked through with their architect and we were excited to be able to build it with them! The site was beautiful, high above the lake below, and sits wonderfully in the middle of mature trees.

Here is what the homeowner had to say about the process,

"Our family recently finished a project with DK Homes and have been enjoying the quality and craftsmanship of their work for about 8 months now. This was our second custom build in 4 years, so although by no means experts, we felt prepared for the project. Going into this, based on our first project and what seems to be the “normal pitfalls” of building, we had a natural expectation that we were going to have to stay on top of the budget, schedule, and pay close attention to the details around finish details. During the quoting process, we evaluated 5 different builders, and from the beginning, we quickly identified and caught on that DK had a great formula for success. Jay’s transparency around his quote, how he managed the budget, and ability to foster a great dialogue around our home’s features, flow, construction, costs, challenges, etc. was something that reset our expectations of working with a builder. Throughout the project, we had numerous examples of how DK and their team of contractors worked diligently to ensure that the customer was at the heart of the project, specifically;

- Framing: In addition to being exceptional framers, ensuring everything was true and square, the team identified ways to improve our blueprint by finding creative ways to minimize dead space in the home, and maximize functionality. For our home they identified a great place for a seating bench to put on shoes, an additional linen closet in the masterbath, etc.

- Exterior: The team went the extra mile and researched different decorative materials for our home’s exterior to ensure maximum performance while working within the budget, as well as went to our prior house to look at the engineering of decorative trusses we had and replicated them for our home.

- Finishing: Scott and Bob are phenomenal! Their ability to take a screen shot, or powerpoint picture and make it into reality is remarkable. They asked great questions, stayed close to my wife and I as the project progressed, and delivered a level of quality we were very pleased with.

When building a new home, there will always be bumps along the way, categories that run over and run under budget, but what we learned from our first experience is that it’s how your business partner through the project handles this that makes a huge difference. Bottom line, Jay and the DK team were amazing. They followed our maniacal focus of detail, and we always landed on a resolution that we felt was fair and equitable for both parties.

Although we don’t want to build another house anytime soon, if we had to, DK would be our go-to. I would strongly encourage anyone looking into a new build, or a remodel to sit down with the team at DK and get to know them. During these types of projects, chemistry is everything, and in the end you have ask yourself, “when this is all over, would I want to have these guys over for a BBQ or a drink?” and for us, it’s an easy yes, and we are looking forward to doing just that!

Thank you, Jay, Jacob, Ben, Scott, Bob, and the DK team!"

Enjoy these photos of this project!

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