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Sliding Doors

You've seen them a lot over the past 10 years, and we all still love them. Yes, sliding barn doors simply have a character about them that can't be matched by a traditional swinging door, it's almost artwork when done right. Here's a little gallery of sliding doors we've done through the years. Each is different and full of character!

Check out what this homeowner had to say about these old, school doors turned into a stunning office entrance.

"They were old school doors from Central High School in Grand Rapids.  In the house in Ada they were painted differently.  They had a medium to dark stain, and the grain of the wood was white.  They looked cool. When I brought the doors home and started sanding them, we liked the natural color of the doors.  Then we just decided to keep the natural color, and just put a matte polyurethane on them."

These doors below utilize a different style track that hides the hardware. The designer choose a colored stained to let the wood grain come through and still match the color palette of this beautiful sunroom.

This door below is a custom built door by our trim carpenters. We wanted that rustic, barn door look and this product captured it perfectly. We love how those tones in the brick tiled wall tie in with the rustic color of the door!

This large sliding door acts a wall to separate this office from the foyer of this home. We took two reclaimed oak doors and joined them together to make this six foot wide sliding door.

Let us know which one you like best or send us pictures of your sliding door project!

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